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Declare Your Independence Day

Would You Like To Start Living On Your Own Terms, The Way It Suits You?

If you're asking yourself how to declare your independence, we'd like to remind you that we've all done it a long time ago – spontaneously. When we were little, we often used to shout out “this is mine“ or we tried to, as hard as we could, do something by ourself.

“I!”, “Mine!”, “I can do it myself!“ were the main proclamations in the first few years.

And then it happened – as it happens to us all. One sinks into the comfort zone of pleasant smells coming from mom’s kitchen. Or, into the nice feeling of using dad’s car for free. Have you noticed it? Well, it’s OK, we get it. But now, you might want to spread your wings and feel freedom of life on your own terms.   

How Can You Achieve This?

Declaring independence means enjoying the adventure of life by virtue of your own strength. It means feeling the pleasure from all successes you achieve on your own, while your parents stay out of the way, yet full of pride.

Independence means trying out your own paths, the new, untrodden ones. It means being able to respond to your innate desire, which no one else might understand. Independence waits for you in an uncharted territory, which belongs only to you. Declaring independence means to know real life and have incredible experiences. Declaring independence means living the life just as you want it. 


How Can We Help You With That?

We would like to support you to realize your own, more authentic vision of life in a way that’s as simple and as efficient as possible.

Learn how you can spread your wings with RBA and declare your own independence day!

Living on your own terms, in your own space, will give you a feeling of peace, pride and satisfaction with yourself. Declare your independence by having your own square metres.

If you’ve been dreaming of your own car, of travel or of any other long held wish, declare your independence with additional funds.