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Within your internet banking make simple and fast FX exchange at more favourable rates via the R-Flex digital platform.

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Why choose R-Flex?


Free of charge

Better exchange rate

FX exchange at more favourable rates than the official exchange rate

Personalized interface

Interface (display) adjustable to your needs

Comprehensive solution

Most frequently used currencies in one place and exchange rate changes shown in real time

Ease of use

Intuitive process that is easy to understand, from registration to trading on the digital platform

Secure service access

Trading in a safe environment of the internet banking. Data of your company’s trading are permanently protected by a strict and verified protocol

Discover more favourable exchange rates

Do not allow constant exchange rate changes to affect your liquidity. Regardless of whether you want to exchange a small amount for your recurring payments or a large amount to invest in some business development, R-Flex provides you with fast and direct access to the FX market. Register and see for yourself.

What does the R-Flex digital platform offer you?

  • arranging of T+0 FX exchange (transaction value date is on the same day as the transaction agreement date)
  • service continuously upgraded by new functionalities
  • exchange rates overview
  • direct access to the FX market
  • overview of the status of confirmed transactions and information on executed settlement
  • overview of the track record of all agreed transactions
  • possibility to generate Excel reports
  • customizing platform appearance according to personal needs
  • trading at competitive prices within working hours from 8:30 until 15:30
  • option to set the Exchange Rate Notification so that you immediately receive information that your desired exchange rate has been reached

You can make an FX exchange transaction exclusively by yourself and in accordance with the R-Flex General Terms and Conditions.

What do you need to use R-Flex?

Business account at RBA

Internet banking

along with a personalized device with the certificate to authenticate or input authentication

PC with access to internet

which uses Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers