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100% Sustainable New RBA Cards

We present to you the first cards in Croatia made from 100% recycled plastic.

The Future Is In Our Hands

Responsible conduct takes into consideration long-term impact of one's own decisions and activities on the society and the world that surrounds us. We at RBA understand the importance of sustainable business and implement it by providing financial support to all those treading the path of achieving sustainability. Also, we create our own products which take care of our planet's healthy future.

It is our new, sustainable cards that represent an important step towards the change. They are made from 100% recycled PVC, which signifies a direct reduction in creating new waste as well as energy conservation. By selecting us as your partner, you too participate in the story of sustainability and make your ecological contribution to the world. 

Reduction of CO2 Emission by 80%

Using recycled PVC in manufacture significantly decreases CO2 emission when compared to manufacturing cards from common plastic. The quantity of CO2 emission per common plastic card is 15.79 g whereas it is 3.095 g for a card made from recycled plastic, such as ours.

If we discontinue the throwaway behaviours towards the cyclical ecological system, our joint efforts will diminish waste and preserve precious energy sources.

Design Inspired by Business Digitalization

By using modern and dynamic design, with the RBA logo as the protagonist, and by an impressive range of colours, we gave the overall RBA card offer a makeover. The new cards reflect our vision of developing digital products tailored to the modern user.

How to Get the New Recycled Card?

Issuing of recycled cards has begun already. After your current RBA card expires, the new one will arrive at your home address. Also, the new cards from recycled plastic are issued when you open an account (current account, giro account, FCY account, business / transaction account) or if you are contracting any of the RBA credit cards (personal and/or business).